Mixed Genre


(excerpted from Bruised & Battlewise)

Success can bring a businessman great wealth and everything it can buy— including always agreeable “friends.” But the greater the success, the less that’s left to strive for, the less value in the omnipresent compliments, and the greater the realization that fame will not survive the material advantages that wealth assures. Hence, the longing to create a lasting legacy— to seize a place in history.

For over a century, numerous rich businessmen have donated money and attached their names to buildings in the quest for a lasting legacy. Colleges abound with buildings named after such donors. But what person whose job isn’t dependent upon such fund-raising actually associates the name on the building with greatness? In fact, charitable enterprises increasingly signify undesirable traits. Who sees the recent crop of dot.com philanthropists as anything but money-grubbing scoundrels? Their foundations are little more than avenues to dodge taxes even as they promote their political correctness.

A treasured place in history cannot be bought or earned in the marketplace. It belongs to those whose accomplishments accrue more to their fellow man than to themselves. Beethoven and Michelangelo enjoyed the favor of patrons and pay for their work, but they’re historical giants because of their artistic legacy to their fellow man. Likewise, Charles Martel fought to become a mighty ruler, but he is an historical giant because he saved Europe from Muslim invasion.

One whose business success would not naturally transfer to historical greatness must switch gears to seek lasting significance. But if his business success derived from focusing on himself, he must remember that the tactics used for it bring only the short-term fame of which he is dissatisfied. He cannot forget that helping his fellow man rather than himself is the path to historical greatness.

His name adorns the gilded spots
(Though some belie a licensed deal).
An image hides the discontent
Of hollow pride on gold and steel.

Renown resides in loyal hearts—
Much deeper than a marketplace.
While looting serves the globalists
His nation begs a hero’s grace.

Their cause called forth his noble quest
For love that billions could not buy.
Arrayed against their nationhood
All PTB identify.

With dash and gauche and showmanship
Unknown through years of faux debate
He raised the issues long proscribed
And surged as chosen candidate.

The multitudes acclaimed his verve—
Defiance pressed with tailored suits.
Each liberal charge his foes designed
Just fashioned hats for more recruits.

The years of hate from MSM
Denouncing any Whitened dream
Prepared the hearts of patriots
For every caustic Twitter stream.

He battled left and battled right
As status quo combined its might
To launch assault without respite.

Yet he emerged to claim the fight.

The conquered pled for unity
(When not inventing Russian tales).
A weasel casts for victory
Proclaiming love when hatred fails.

Some focus best in battlegear
Then strain to see through royal gauze.
A noble champion welcomes peace
But must retain his people’s cause.

The lure of silent critics
And broader-based appeal
Requires his people’s submission
To globalist-created zeal.

His vow to drain the swamp foretold
A global banker-Main Street clash.
But Goldman Sachs at Treasury
Means bubbling Wall Street swamped in cash.

America First would finish off
A century’s parasitic trend.
But Pollard, Lavon and Liberty—
He calls our greatest friend.

Without his people’s noble cause
He’ll only make an artful deal—
The press commends his personal growth
If he condemns his race to kneel.

Unless he studies history
He’ll succumb to merchant lore—
That nations live by dollar signs
And prosper with an Open Door.

The errors made since ’65
Construct a demographic tomb.
The siren song of brotherhood
Then deconstructs the nation’s womb.

Without a change, his people face
The ugly truth of conquered soil—
A remnant left to fight the rape
And curse the king who wasn’t loyal.

Repel and expel so thy people might dwell
safe from tribal war.
Then quell and dispel
the myth of the Open Door.
The anvil hammers pure.
The bell will knell and ring to hell
the Judas note of blame.
Then tell that the spell that used to compel
the truth to hide in shame
Befell to the shell and the rebel yell
of those who will propel thy name.

PROPOSITIONED NATION: An Essay Accompanying Poetry

(excerpted from Bruised & Battlewise)

“We are a propositional nation founded on a belief in liberty and equality, and welcoming of all who will declare allegiance to our principles.” “We are a nation of immigrants.” “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Our Founding Fathers, of course, would not recognize such claims and aspirations—except perhaps as examples of dissembling. They who first enunciated the principle that “all men are created equal” in no way understood that to mean their country was open to one and all who might wish to enjoy the blessings of liberty. They were in fact speaking for themselves as members of the American nation. To the extent they shone a beacon to the world a hundred years before the arrival of Lady Liberty, it was as an example for other nations to follow, not as an invitation for the peoples of other nations to come and reconstitute the American nation.

The Preamble to the Constitution indicates that the objects of its hoped-for Blessings of Liberty are the very People of the United States adopting it and their posterity. No mention is made of welcoming one and all who think America is a good idea. Indeed, the first law on immigration enacted under the Constitution in 1790 limited naturalization to free White men. Most importantly, the Constitution itself was adopted by an appeal to further strengthen the already existing bonds under the Articles of Confederation. No plea nor provision was made, nor tolerance preached for incorporating alien races and customs as the multiculturalists of today demand.

Instead, a near opposite of multiculturalism formed the basis for persuading Americans to ratify the Constitution. In Federalist #2, John Jay wrote:

Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.

Federalist #2 thus argued for adopting the Constitution—with its provision for a stronger central government—because the people of the various states already formed a nation. Jay understood both the meaning and allure of a nation when he referenced common ancestors, language, religion, customs, and historical comradeship. He understood that such bonds of race and culture permitted a union of peace and prosperity not possible in a society of competing aliens.

Immigration enthusiasts, of course, care nothing for our Founding Fathers or their ideals. The Constitution itself is no more than their toilet paper, and they don’t even care which direction the sewer carries it. In one sentence, they claim to support the principle of equality while demanding Affirmative Action. In the next, they claim to advance liberty with “Civil Rights” which deny White men (and only White men) their basic freedom of association. Is it any wonder they shamelessly champion such a self-contradictory concept as a propositional nation?

Of course, contradiction is sometimes the tool of figurative language, so it may not demonstrate poor logic or bad intentions. One might argue for a propositional nation on the grounds that the ideas of liberty and equality supplant the race and culture of an actual nation, so it’s understood that by using the describing word propositional, one implies a new entity which is not a nation at all. But then one struggles to find the claimed guiding principles of liberty and equality since the pre-existing American nation never had a say in this departure from its founding fabric. Indeed, the 1965 Immigration Act which changed the US from 88% White to 62% White (and counting down) was passed with the explicit assurance that it would not effect any such racial change. So, rather than figurative language, we’re actually dealing with deceitful language. Cultural Marxists always lie.

Cultural Marxists always lie, and Cultural Marxists always seek total control. Every parade of lies from the Constitution’s claimed protection of Communists to its claimed prohibition of segregation has first dismantled White norms with invented universalistic principles before institutionalizing the violation of those very principles with its own anti-White prohibitions. The 1st Amendment that supposedly protected Communists can’t find its brief when those erstwhile outcasts seize control and prohibit “hate speech.” The 14th Amendment that cried tears over the racial injustice of segregation can’t suppress its derisive laughter at Whites who meekly knock on the doors of “safe spaces.”

Previously, America itself was the space for its own American nation. But the door held open for other Whites let in Marxists who neither could nor wanted to become nationalists because they did not share the racial and religious attributes of the established nation. Rather than trying to fake it and fit in as best they could, they set out to destroy the nation with labor violence and their Culture of Critique—mocking the beliefs and customs of the very nation that provided them sanctuary from their self-claimed persecution in other lands. Indeed, with the coinage of the words xenophobia and racism, they claimed the invaders’ moral right to destroy their host nation. In contradistinction to “The New Colossus,” a patriot might have thought, “Keep your liars, your leeches, your scheming scholars yearning to critique.”

Why 19th Century America permitted the entry of such hostile aliens might be baffling if not for the re-emergence of this policy in our own times. The rich and powerful desired cheap labor, and those not of the American nation desired national replacement. The former, thankfully, acted with temperance compared to today’s globalists. They at least encouraged Americanism and the Melting Pot as sleight of hand for protecting the American nation. The latter lied like they always do with invented universalistic principles. Thus Jewish Zionist Emma Lazarus penned words that defined the nation out of existence, and her rich comrades institutionalized her poetic effort.

While simple logic demonstrates that no 19th Century American patriot would want his nation flooded with tired, poor, huddled masses, it also suggests a different preference for those of alien stock. An existing American nation along the lines noted by John Jay necessarily places those of alien stock on its institutional periphery. Faking it and trying to fit in is one adaptive strategy for those of such stock. Diluting the host nation with foreign languages, customs and even hostility to its founding religion is another. When a Zionist writes of “yearning to breathe free,” might she not mean “free of Christendom” in the manner her kin has spent the last seventy-five years re-interpreting the US Constitution?

The liberty and equality of the propositional nation has necessitated abolishing every custom and altering every institution that might somehow preserve the White fabric of the American nation. Communism, segregation, school prayer, Christmas pageants, employment law, university admissions, public morals, marriage law, and, most importantly, immigration policy itself has called forth the Cultural Marxists’ invented universalistic principles to vilify and destroy the laws, customs, and aspirations of Whites. And then mercilessly reverse the current whenever the invented principles might instead protect White interests. Cultural Marxists always seek total control.

Total control as a tactic for national replacement adheres to principles of intergroup rivalry. Other than the degree of its viciousness, Cultural Marxism functions more or less as logic would predict. And even its viciousness is not without precedent as the Soviet Union arose from the mass murder of the Russian nation. An alien stock with a centuries-long hatred of Christendom is simply incompatible with an American nation of John Jay’s description. The anarchists welcomed with Lady Liberty’s 19th Century embrace proved it no more or less than the jihadists of recent decades. The only difference is that the former critically wounded the American nation so that their posterity would have an easier time inviting the latter.

The wounds of the American nation are so severe that every vital function teeters on total failure, barely surviving as globalists decide on the most appropriate time to harvest its organs. Some leaders of American institutions no longer even disguise their intentions as they boldly declare the White race the cancer of humanity.

Such boldness and hostility is the fruit of a century’s institutional subjugation by Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxists employed public pleas for universalism to gain institutional acceptance even as they privately practiced nepotism to expand their base of influence. Simultaneously, they utilized their ever-increasing subversion of law to complete the takeover. Whites were not only prohibited from mirroring the nepotism of Cultural Marxists, they were actually prohibited from practicing the universalism that would have given them equal footing with Cultural Marxists and non-Whites. Affirmative Action and discrimination law implemented an Orwellian manifestation of equality, and all societal institutions buckled.

The total control of all societal institutions both directly and indirectly benefits Cultural Marxists. Directly, they grab leadership positions for themselves, and competition with their own rather lack of merit serves as their primary restraint. Indirectly, their control allows them to further subordinate Whites through Affirmative Action. Nonetheless, some degree of merit must be permitted or every city will have the drinking water of Flint or the subways of D.C. So Whites can still aspire to and achieve mid and high status even if they must stand third in line for their opportunities. Their key limitation is their willingness to accept and promote Cultural Marxism—their willingness to debase themselves and praise the subordination of their White race.

Total institutional control not only allows Cultural Marxists to exercise their discriminatory power, it also allows them to recruit Whites. Legal institutions allow Cultural Marxists to control employment practices while educational institutions allow them to assure the flow of debased Whites. Since nearly all high status occupations (including law itself) require advanced education, it serves both indoctrination and gatekeeping functions. Those of a conformist disposition will accept White subordination as a quasi-religious truth. Keener minds who aspire to professional status will quickly discern they have a choice between cuddling up to Cultural Marxism or embracing bad report cards. Accept the proposition or not—it’s a choice between prostitution or destitution, as those unwilling to surrender their dignity will be denied the credentials for a life of material comfort.

Even the presumed antithesis of material concerns—Christianity—has been propositioned. Grants, tax exemptions, and regulatory enforcement or lack thereof have combined with educational subversion to grow a bumper crop of fellow travelers for the pulpits and church administration. Centuries of Catholic-Protestant strife have miraculously synthesized into one essential Christian truth: “Jesus said to eradicate White racism.” This counterfeit Christian parroting of Cultural Marxism is so pronounced and universal that church leaders throughout the West preach the moral imperative of White surrender to non-White invasion. For nearly two-thousand years, Whites venerated the martyrs who suffered humiliating and brutal deaths in the Roman Colosseum. But now, with the ongoing gang rape of the European woman, the Bishop of Rome and his fellow Protestant leaders gesture thumbs down while chanting, “Turn her other cheek!”

The total institutional opposition to White interests persisted for decades without full White consciousness because the opposition itself controlled those institutions and stifled discussion of their designs. In recent years, however, the brazenness of their actions and the astounding barbarity of their agents have made it impossible to conceal the threat faced by Whites. Obama and Merkel, in particular, have openly encouraged such floods of immigration that even the common man begins to sense a nation-transforming invasion. And the criminality of these invaders worries even those who still believe their institutional leaders. Main stream media blackout and social media censorship greatly shape the misperceptions of the masses, but even the deceived begin to understand the threat when mass murder follows mass murder at a pace more suggestive of war than outlier deviancy.

Perhaps of greatest importance will be the awakening of the propositioned nation itself. Cultural Marxists run American institutions with the assistance of White prostitutes who have sold their racial dignity for financial gain. People reared with the cultural depravity of Hollywood have no values above wealth and status, and they accept deracination as a fair trade for material comfort. But as prostitutes eventually discover, their value lessens with the passage of time. When America was overwhelmingly White, their debasement was necessary for institutional control. But as Whites slip toward a minority, Cultural Marxists plan to run institutions with Indians and East Asians. The White race is slipping towards minority status because the White race is slated for replacement. Cultural Marxists seek total control.

It’s a cold day when White professionals discover that Disney, Facebook, Microsoft and other STEM employers are no longer aroused by submissive White signaling. But it’s also a day of American awakening. Those who once rejected their racial and cultural heritage will realize why their institutions propositioned them. What’s left of the American nation will realize that White debasement was but a step toward White replacement.

The American nation is distant or near kin to both the greatest artists and the greatest scientists—with symphonies, cathedrals, and a Pieta, with medical advancement, innovative engineering, and a moon landing. Its founders crafted a civilization that produced more prosperity and liberty than any in history. The White professional class carries the genes of that achievement—some European, and some distinctly American. Once awakened, it can draw on the minds and spirit of that noble stock to recover its institutions and re-establish its nation.

The American nation from whence it hails was, as John Jay noted, birthed of a long and bloody war. During that war, the father of the nation-state, George Washington, faced a typically superior military force and spent a brutal winter at Valley Forge. Thousands of Americans perished in their destitute encampment while the nearby British forces enjoyed the best of then-occupied Philadelphia. But during that tragic winter, America acquired a military ally, and its men acquired the discipline and confidence to carry them through to a victory still many years away.

Cultural Marxists have made sure that few Whites learn of their great American heritage. Instead, educational, religious and cultural institutions teach White children that the Founding Fathers were racists and sexists. So most Whites know less of the sacrifices and achievements of the great men who gave America its independence than they do of the politically correct critique of its founding. This inversion—ignorance of history and fluency in Marxist deceit—served to suppress Whites and empower Cultural Marxists for many decades. But it will backfire when White professionals awaken.

When Whites are purged of their prostitution, they will seek out their history, discover its greatness, and come to a full realization of the debasement they’ve endured. They may draw on the eventual triumph of men who first suffered at Valley Forge while their enemy quartered in comfort. Or they may need no more motivation than learning the true intent of America’s founding as evidenced in Federalist #2 and contrasting that with the lies they were told about a propositional nation.

Coming to truth is a personal matter, with different paths followed by different men. While that precludes patriots from finding a single narrative that will enlighten all their fellow Americans, it also precludes Cultural Marxists from inventing a single new narrative to replace White guilt.

Each White professional purged of his prostitution through employment exclusion will find his own way and have his own story to share with his fellow Americans. These shared stories of debasement and discovery will bond Whites together in a modern application of E Pluribus Unum. For the first time in their lives, modern Whites will feel the brotherhood of their race, appreciate its glorious past, and understand the methods of its enemies. And then, they will recast themselves as the American nation their Founding Fathers envisioned.

1 Call Boy
2 The Memory of Failure
3 Recast

Call Boy

When lesson plans condemn the West
Richard Bonhomme knows his role
Denounce his racial heritage
And lionize the Frankfurt goal.

Critiquing those who sailed the seas
And vanquished lands of hunger pangs.
White achievement vilified
In praise of rival ethnic gangs.

Scholastic lies now rule his land
And he must play to get ahead.
He knows to turn from countrymen
And troll concern for Browns instead.

It’s such an easy mark to hit
Why doesn’t every paleface play?
Regurgitate the teacher’s rage
And bag another facile A.

From middle school to sophomore
Anticipating college life
Success demands his servitude
For truth would bear scholastic strife.

Obeisance lands his Ivy gig—
Schooled with rich mendacity.
Bank the grades for graduate school
And claim it proves sagacity.

The moneyed path for he who kneels—
A doctor, lawyer, MBA.
Provide aggrieved entitled feelz
And harmonize their racial bray.

When schooling’s done and work begins
Controlled behavior cannot end.
Professional groups enforce the code—
Policing speech that might offend.

At first, he welcomes staid routine—
Bondage never failed to pay.
The grades are now expense accounts
And trips to places far away.

But missing where he always is—
The soul of men who speak their mind.
He tries to fill the emptiness
But red-pilled men are disinclined.

They turn away from easy boys
Who mocked the truths that schools suppress.
They ridicule the moneyed whores
And never bow to cucked success.

So Richard now is atomized—
His leftist teachers got their thrill.
Disclaiming racial heritage
Reduced him to an empty shill.

The Memory of Failure

Brendan hangs his head and cries
He’ll pay for wrongs the favored claim.
Gone repute and livelihood
But even that can’t match the shame.

Agencies proclaiming truth
Mere advocates for those aggrieved.
Cases made to silence foes
Outlandish charges soon believed.

Evidence from every source
Computers seized for tell tale signs.
Words long gone restored anew—
A treasure hunt for bad designs.

E-mail fluff twelve years ago
Remarks now read as words of hate.
Plaintiffs reel with shocking glee
Such “failure to accommodate!”

Nothing done could be enough
They slap the truly helping hand.
Status rights—a stream of needs
Concession spawns the next demand.

Anger trumps all merit rank
Promotions claimed but never earned.
Justice kneels to supplicate
A gavel raps, his life adjourned.

Gramps could farm so long ago
Until the dust subdued his dream.
Life in town then challenged him
Till business grew with his esteem.

Dad’s example shone as bright
Success achieved for all to see.
Growth in every office branch
Conjoint respect—a vital key.

Trying hard to follow them—
So tough when words are scrutinized.
Prior times built stronger men—
Affronts ignored, not memorized.

Failure seeks indulgent lies
And blames a force beyond control.
Always someone else to pay
When answers lie within the soul.

Strangers with triumphant spoils.
And he? a business lost—and grim.
What to say at Father’s grave?
Today the failures captured him.


When beaten hollow till a bell seems whole
And ringing through our empty, battered frame
Precludes resistance of intrusion’s claim,
All patriots lament our lost control.
Triumphant once, that Yankee Dixie soul
Until language, creed, and race became
The practiced target for invaders’ blame
To amplify the strike of Marxist toll.

Yet ruin will bide a question now reserved—
Might this become our Allentown* retreat
Awaiting battles won we still must fight?
For hope itself’s a cast preserved
Humiliation—molten dreams replete
And enemies, a chorus recondite.

* During the Revolutionary War, the Independence Bell was hidden in Allentown.


Bruised & Battlewise

Rhymed and metered poetry with a mixed-genre introduction.

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